Berlin-based agency translates Hyundai’s vision of future mobility into a modular trade show experience

At the Auto China 2020 (Sept 26 – Oct 5, 2020 in Beijing) it finally took place, the premiere of the first new-generation trade show appearance of the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company - conceived and designed by the Berlin-based innovation agency Graft Brandlab.

In addition to the progressive spatial interpretation of the new brand vision of the future-oriented mobility provider Hyundai Motor, focusing on people instead of the product, the architecture is easily adaptable to different spatial, geographical and cultural conditions. For this purpose, Graft Brandlab developed a flexible stand concept with adaptable, modular elements, using generative and parametric design tools.

Change of perspective: With Generative Design to an efficient, adaptable brand experience which puts people first

The new brand vision "Progress for Humanity" of Hyundai Motor Company, which sees itself more than ever as a future-oriented mobility provider, puts people at the center of this future. This brand vision was translated into an interactive and globally adaptable spatial experience.

Nik Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation, Graft Brandlab: "We are at a fascinating crossroads of mobility: towards people with their actual needs, away from the unilateral focus on individual transport, for which many people are paying a high price today. As passionate urban designers, architects and branding experts, we are at the nexus of empathy and groundbreaking technologies. With the innovative experience concept for Hyundai Motor, we set a striking accent with a clear direction: forward.”

A recurring element in the overall design is the circle, derived from the brand vision "Progress for Humanity" as the impulse of life - an organic form that expands further into create space to frame so-called "treasured moments“ - moments that reflect innovative themes from Hyundai's vision of tomorrow. The transformation into a "Hydrogen Society" and the implementation of 3-dimensional mobility, such as urban air taxis, are two new thematic focuses that were developed together with Graft Brandlab. The new design puts such focal points at center stage and creates an inviting, experience-oriented space opening up towards the visitor and invites exploration.

To structure the exhibition space for the presentation of cars and mobility concepts in a space-efficient and viewer-optimized way, an algorithmic design was applied, which perfects the arrangement of the exhibits by mouse click. In addition, this design tool can easily scale the basic concept to match different space and size conditions. This generative design will now be further developed as part of an experience guideline.

Marvin Bratke, Head of Architecture at Graft Brandlab, sees enormous potential in the newly designed guideline, which combines analogue with digital: "With this seamless extension, we ensure both efficiency in planning and production processes, as well as interactive usage scenarios that make complex processes more accessible to all involved. Cornelia Schneider, Vice President and Head of Global Experiential Marketing, Hyundai Motor Company: „For many decades, mobility was reduced primarily to the function and design of its physical manifestations. Of course, we too love beautiful cars, whose production is our core business. But above all, we see ourselves as pioneers in the future of mobility, which we increasingly see as a service that puts people at the center of attention and gives them freedom of movement through customized, modular connections in time and space. This is what we also rely on in our cooperation with Graft Brandlab".