This was not our plan. What we conceived as an intimate discussion, actually made headlines: “Empathy in Architecture and Technology”. We are thrilled that this topic was taken up by the inspiring business magazine SHEconomy in an article about intelligent city planning. 

Prominent guests of our network “Female Contemporary Tribe” are featured in this article with their profound knowledge and opinions on the future of workplace design and city planning. Among them Miruna Turbatu, Head of Business Development at Graft Brandlab, who founded the network in 2019 together with Julia Carloff-Winkelmann, Chief People Officer at the mobility company Dance. Three to four times per year, they invite female leaders from different branches like finance, architecture, mobility, technology, art, and more to discuss innovation topics. These events offer a safe place to exchange ideas, grow one’s own knowledge, and expand the personal network. 

Many thanks to Gesche Joost, Pirjo Kiefer, Oona Horx Strathern for their contributions to this topic. 

The magazine is now available in print and online. Available here: