On March 23, 2023, we had an extremely exciting North Tower Conversation with personalities from research, business and creation on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Here are six takeaways to share with you:

1. ChatGPT is just the beginning – a variety of specialized AI applications are already waiting in the wings. Ultimately, operating systems will need to be rethought to be AI-native. In the future, human-machine interaction will be based on conversation.

2. AI is not a miracle cure – AI can optimize many processes but does not automatically improve already dysfunctional processes. Used correctly, it holds the potential for entirely new business models. An AI economy will give rise to entirely new market players.

3. AI made in Germany? – Digital transformation remains a challenge for many German companies, and AI could pose an additional overload. There is a great danger that Germany will fall even deeper into a transformation deadlock and continue to lose innovative power.

4. AI and ethics – In the global race for dominance in AI, ethical concerns are in danger of taking a back seat. We need to advocate for a responsible and ethical approach to AI and drive the development of policies and regulations. It's a balancing act to keep up with the pace of development.

5. AI in marketing – AI enables brands to engage in empathetic and individualized dialogues and scale customer engagement. But the true character of a brand is largely shaped and manifested by human, engaged communities. In the future, every touchpoint will be dialog-based, and empathy will be the key differentiator for brands.

6. AI for people – True innovation requires recognizing connections and breaking new ground, an ability that will stay with us humans for a long time to come. Using AI just for the sake of hype will do society more harm than good. That's why, as a society, we need to recognize the opportunities of AI while being aware of the risks.

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