Berlin, 20.04.2022. We are pleased to design the employer branding strategy and its multichannel implementation for the long-established Hamburg-based company Montblanc. The campaign is scheduled to start in 2023.  

Montblanc, known for its fine stationery, watches and leather goods, stands for the highest quality and craftsmanship. A spirit of discovery, curiosity and empowerment characterize the company with its long history. In order to continue to acquire and retain the best professionals in the future, Montblanc is committed to developing employer branding based on the values of the company and the brand.

The workplace in general is currently undergoing a major transformation. Especially the hybrid way of working, which increasingly leads to a reduction of office workplaces and makes half of the staff work remotely, demands the strengthening of the emotional bond and identification with the company. "This makes it all the more important," says Rico Zocher, Managing Partner of Graft Brandlab, "to anticipate the needs of employees and be able to provide the right answers - and to do so on the basis of the company's culture and values. 

"Montblanc, especially with its established sense of values, high level of craftsmanship and long history as a company, provides a wide range of narrative springboards to develop a successful employer branding strategy and the communication campaign to match." 

The employer branding campaign, which is targeted for 2023, will be designed for different target groups to appeal to new talents of different generations, skills and backgrounds.

Sascha Schneider, Executive Vice President Human Resources at Montblanc, is very excited about the collaboration.

"Our brand mission is to inspire people to develop their full potential. And this is exactly what we want to convey to our employees and new talents. In Graft Brandlab, we have found the right partner who brings the necessary empathy, vision and implementation power to successfully position our Montblanc brand as an inviting and sustainable employer brand."