Currently, it still takes about a 20-minute wait to fully charge your electric vehicle at a supercharger. And how do you spend that precious time? Until now, the e-mobility experience stopped when the car was connected to the charger, and users were left to their own devices. On the innovation-driven EUREF campus in Berlin, that is about to change.

From now on, EV-drivers can access a custom augmented reality app as part of DÉRIVE's pilot project on the EUREF campus. Realized by the CGI-specialists Effekt-Etage Berlin, this AR represents a unique and revolutionary communication and product platform. For the premiere, DÉRIVE collaborates with KPM Berlin, the world’s finest porcelain manufactory, to present an exclusive edition of the handmade Kurland Coffee-to-Drive mug. This limited edition will be given away to 300 lucky users.

DÉRIVE is the pioneering art and communication platform for e-mobility - initiated by the Berlin-based innovation agency Graft Brandlab and Véhicule, top addresses for mobility branding and communication.

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of Graft Brandlab:

"DÉRIVE enhances the relationship between EV-technology and being human. Charging takes up precious time. It's time to make it delightful through extraordinary experiences that turn waiting into quality time. This is a win-win for EV-drivers as well as for the partners featured in the artistic experiences." 

Christopher Kippenberger, publisher of VÉHICULE magazine and CEO of Studio Kippenberger:

"The installation on the EUREF campus is just the beginning. With DÉRIVE's artistic-innovative approach, we are creating novel e-charging experiences, revolutionizing the possibilities of product-related communication. Together with Rico Zocher and Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, we are proud to be pioneers of this new platform."

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Studio Kippenberger and Véhicule

Studio Kippenberger is a creative studio specializing on concept creation, digital strategy development, content placement and integrated brand consulting with a focus on physical product experience. Headed by Chris Kippenberger, Studio Kippenberger has worked with companies such as Bugatti, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Vimeo and Intel in recent years. Studio Kippenberger’s latest endeavor is VÉHICULE. Founded in 2019 as a wide-reaching project elevating avant-garde transportation, the VÉHICULE brand has since expanded to include products from an annual print magazine edition to feats of engineering and everything in between, deploying strategic, innovative partnerships along the way.


The EUREF-Campus is a place of the future. More than 5,000 people are already working, researching and learning here in more than 150 companies, institutions and start-ups in the fields of energy, mobility and sustainability. Since the project began in 2008, the approx. 5.5-hectare city quarter, which has already met the German government's 2050 climate targets since 2014, has developed into a real laboratory for the energy transition that is unique in Europe. It is considered one of the most important reference projects for the design of the so-called smart city with the help of technological innovations. The EUREF campus is home to more than 150 charging points for electric cars, including Germany's first twelve inner-city V3 Superchargers since 2020.


Effekt-Etage is a company specializing in visualizations and digital brand and product experiences. It develops scalable solutions for the entire Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) process and holistic digital applications. From data preparation digital product twins to the creation and implementation of media across all touchpoints of a modern user journey. The portfolio includes the conversion of design data (CAD data), virtual film and photo shoots, product configurators, as well as virtual reality, augmented reality and holistic app and web applications.