Nikolaus Hafermaas is calling for a cultural change and shows why intergenerational design is more than a design concept

Sustainability. A term that literally is flooding our lives in many areas today. Rightly, as climate change is urging us to rethink and act immediately. Brands are repositioning themselves and developing strategies for their products and services, to keep our planet in a condition worth living for future generations. But that is only one facet of sustainability. We masterfully ignore another important phase of generations, at least from a design point of view: namely the phase of aging, and above all the aging of our own generation.
We create, develop, and innovate for the world, but always for agile people who are in the prime of life. While according to the WHO the world in 2030 will have more over 60-year-olds than children from 0 to 10 years old. The solution: intergenerational design. This movement shows aging as an opportunity for positive cultural change.

Senior citizens' design wasteland: Cheers to aging. The creative industry is in demand.

Terrifying, I am no longer one of the youngest. At heart, however, I am and will remain the same boy, fascinated by the Documenta in Kassel in 1972, discovering his creative streak. (…)
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Photo: Advanced Style Friendship / Bffs Project | © Ari Seth Cohen