Do luxury companies need employer branding? Montblanc says yes. And we are proud to have been chosen to implement it. Today, PAGE reported on the multi-channel campaign "What moves you, makes us" with which Montblanc is on a talent acquisition mission. Fresh, modern, cheeky - but fully authentic. After interviews and surveys with 1,500 employees, it quickly became clear what connects them to the traditional Hamburg-based company: Collegiality, a sense of togetherness, and above all the passion to create something extraordinary - and that can only be done together.

An employer brand can only emerge from within the company - we thank Montblanc for trusting us to embark on a strategic and creative journey that has been challenging at times. The company has shown courage - and is now being rewarded with an employer brand that expresses all that has already been lived. And that is the way it should be. No bullshit needed.

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