GRAFT Brandlab offers solutions for all branding and strategy needs. Offering strategy and consultancy, conceptual development, naming and design, motion, interaction, experience and environments – the work of GRAFT Brandlab is two-fold: we both strengthen existing design and architectural projects with our brand focus on strategy and communication, and we partner with existing brands to evolve their presence in the areas of brand experience, environments and spatial design.

Our name GRAFT Brandlab encapsulates our approach to work. We believe the concept of ‘lab’ is pertinent to the way brands must constantly evolve and respond to ever changing markets, cultures and customer needs. Our lab approach means having curiosity and the courage to redefine, rethink, explore new ways and identify new opportunities. We view the process of branding as a constantly evolving and ever improving process and realize that generating and implementing completely new ideas is the most effective way to create impact and results.



GRAFT Brandlab was created by the GRAFT ( partners and architects Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, and Thomas Willemeit together with the branding expert Linda Stannieder. Famed for embracing interdisciplinary methods, which question the traditional bounds of architecture and design, GRAFT is conceived as a label crossing the boundaries between disciplines and ‘grafting’ creative potentials and methodologies. The brand-focused scion GRAFT Brandlab focuses on branded environments, brand strategy and brand communications while continuing the GRAFT beliefs of multi-disciplinary working and the ‘pursuit of happiness’.